Kumagusu Info / 熊楠関連記事

Joint Research Activities / 共同調査・研究活動

Honji no kai, or a manuscript reading group for Minakata Kumagusu's correspondence. [in Japanese]


As for general information regarding researches on Minakata Kumagusu, please refer to the web site of the Association of Minakata Kumagusu Archives.


[Photo: website owner]

Website owner at Kashima, Tanabe Bay, 2012. 8. 8 (Photo by HIROKAWA Eiichiro).

Introductory Notes & Presentations / 紹介・発表

Introductory notes on the researches of Minakata Kuamgusu Archives by Tamura Yoshiya [in Japanese] / 南方熊楠邸資料の調査・研究についての田村による紹介:

Recent Presentations by Tamura Yoshiya / 田村による最近の発表:

Academic information of TAMURA Yoshiya / 田村義也の個人情報(学術)

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