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TAMURA, Yoshiya (b 1966.1.18, male)

[major areas of research]

Comparative Literature and Culture. Especially the reception of Western art and sciences into Japan since late nineteenth Century.


After working in curatorial and academic positions of a museum and several universities in Tokyo, stayed in Europe (mainly in UK) for 4 years until 2000.

[Current Activity]

Joined the research team of the association of Minakata Kumagusu Archives again in 2001 to participate the mission of investigation, conservation and cataloguing of the materials in the laboratory and library of the former residence of Minakata Kumagusu. Currently the chief of the section of periodicals/offprints and the assistant editor-in-chief of the general catalogue of the books and items in the former residence of Minakata Kumagusu. The catalogue is to be published in 2004 in two volumes. Besides, the manager of the website of the association

As of: April 2004

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